Current Happenings

We are offering a full menu to share with the ones you love! We hope to see you soon!


Whether you're here for lunch, dinner, takeout or a private gathering - you must start your experience dipping your way into a generous creation of olive oil, crumbled feta and special seasoning with our homemade bread... It is one of our customer MUST-HAVES when dining with us. A perfect way to start your meal and get your mouth watering for the next course of your liking!


This November marks a new direction for the Ntasios family and the Aegean Reastaurants. We have closed our doors at our Watertown location, as our 15 year lease had ended. We will miss Arsenal Street dearly, those patrons whom filled our cozy seats and enjoyed our delicous offerings with family and friends. As this journey comes to an end we extend our hearts to you all and hope you travel to our Framingham location. 


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