Our Family Story
Nicholas Ntasios and his wife Toula first brought their enthusiasm to America in 1972 in search of the same opportunities as so many who have come before.
A one-way ticket from a tiny village  in Greece is much more than a journey. It's a gamble in pursuit of a dream. It's a commitment to a new life in Framingham and a new adventure - to sharing a new family and embracing new friends. 
After eight years of hard work, saving and planning, in winter of 1980 Nick and Toula were ready to take on another gamble - a restaurant. They wanted more than just a fine Greek restaurant. They wanted to embrace this new country that had embraced them. They would offer something for everyone. They would serve their best traditional Greek specialties along with a good variety of popular American dishes. They would be inclusive, because that's what America was and is - inclusive.
In May of 1981 The Aegean Restaurant opened in its first location; a small strip plaza, 47 Beacon Street, Framingham. It is said that their is nothing quite so powerful as an idea whose time has come. From the start, The Aegean was very popular with local folks. Even in the first obscure location they quickly prospered and grew, enjoying two expansions over time. Yes, there were the long house, patiently endured while starting a family and raising their two young boys, Arthur and Christopher. 
The Aegean was an extended family affair. Dozens of family members helped, each in their own way. Through the hard work of many and consistent attention to the details, Nick and Toula made their first Aegean Restaurant a true success. 
In time, sons Arthur and Chris also worked in the family business; learning the ropes from the bottom up at an early age. They wore all the hats; dishwasher, salad, prep, line cook, host, bartender. They learned and came to understand every aspect of the business first hand. What better way to fully appreciate the many details? What could be more effective than to learn by doing - doing everything - doing whatever it takes to get it right?
After twenty years of continued success and growth the family was ready to expand beyond their first location. In 2001 their second Aegean Restaurant opened in a more spacious Watertown location on Arsenal Street, and also quickly brought the same popular success as the original Framingham restaurant. 
Then after only another three years, another big opportunity. In 2005 an ideal location became available just down the street from the original restaurant. The new site would be four times larger with even greater opportunity to expand. The family tool on their greatest gamble yet. After a long year of major site reconstruction, Nick and Toula's grandest dream was realized in a spacious restaurant with an expansive kitchen, full function facilities with state-of the-art A/V support, and plenty of parking, all in a superb, convenient and highly visible location.
While spending 15 years building a strong presence and the love for Greek food in the Watertown community, we sadly closed our doors in December of 2015, after our lease came to an end.  We are thankful to our patrons for their continued business and support through the years and hope to see you at the Aegean in Framingham!
Celebrating 35 years
It's time to feel excited and blessed to celebrate our 35th Anniversary in Framingham!!!  After opening that first small restaurant, the Ntasios family still strives to offer every patron a truly personal dining experience by enjoying a special meal prepared daily exactly to their liking.  
The Ntasios family would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributes to Nick and Toula's original dream. To all whom we have had the great pleasure to know along the way - to co-workers, to to extended family and friends - to all who have been there with unflagging encouragement, help and support, we are deeply grateful. 
We are also grateful to the thousands of loyal patrons whom we have had the great pleasure and honor to serve these many years. We regard every patron as a privilege - an opportunity to come embracing friends, new and old - just as Nick and Toula did when they first came to America in order to realize their dreams to many years ago.